Meeting opened at 1:04 PM by President Ron Nurnberger, invocation by John Brown followed by the Pledge to the flag.


ROLL CALL:   6 board members/8 club representatives present (voting privileges)


MINUTES:   Approved March 7, 2015 minutes with amendment: Third game of frame games with 8 & 8 format—and switch the ‘stick,’ (thus no lag) can be used by host clubs. Lowest ‘line number’ starts on yellow for third game.


TREASURER REPORT:   Margaret Hartzler reported the following accounts:

            October 1, 2015                     Checking account:   $1462.32

                                                            Money Market          6000.00

                                                            CD for Amateurs       5001.26

                                                            CD                              5029.05



1ST VP,  Jerry Stannard                    No Report

2nd VP,  Dave Welsh stated 50/50 volunteers are in order for season,         thanked those who volunteered and also Kathy Smith for her work.

3rd VP,  Jim Smith                              No Report

KOR,    Nancy Scalfani passed out list of shuffleboard players for club representative to look over.  Nancy wants to update ‘current’ list of active  players.


Jerry Stannard noted those players accumulating 200 HOF points before     January 1st each year will have their choice as to when they are inducted.  Jerry also stated the FSA has approximately $45,000 in account and is       actively looking at ways to spend some it for benefit of ‘Shuffleboard’ throughout the State.


              John Brown                          No Report


Sue Daidone stated the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club would be hosting a “Realize Bradenton” pop-up event in April in with the City of Bradenton. coordination this will be an ‘evening’ of shuffleboard Fun for families throughout Manatee County. Concessions, music and ‘night lighting’ will be provided. Piney Point has offered to provide “Turkey Shoot’ equipment and Paradise Bay will provided needed ‘cues.’  

Other volunteers will be need to run events and give lessons.


Dolores Brown reported that they do not intend on using ‘bunched byes” as has been used in many State Tournaments.

                        OLD BUSINESS                          

All host clubs are to contact Ron as soon as possible and let him know what tournaments they plan to host next year (State & District) and their intended venue.  Also noted was the new ‘8 & 8’ format at Palmetto went well and that host clubs may also select a ‘singles’ tournament format if they so choose in future.

Dave Welsh, President of the newly formed Southwest Coast Shuffleboard Inc., 501 C (3) non-profit organization stated they have a board meeting coming up and will report back to all clubs their future plans.

Bradenton will be the host club for the three (3) SWCD Master Tournaments this year (March 2016).   Future host clubs are:   2017 Tri-Par;  2018 Golf Lakes;  2019 Trailer Estates; 2020 Palmetto.  NOTE:  2017 has not been officially verified yet.



Sue Daidone and Al Nuttal were appointed as the nominating committee for the 2016 SWCD  board elections.

Motion by Brad Thomas and Seconded to establish a one (1) point eligibility for SWCD State Amateur Masters.  Players will have their choice whether to participate that year or not.  Approved  11-3.

Motion by Jerry Stannard and Seconded to reduce the present five (5) point eligibility for SWCD District Amateurs to three (3) points.  Players will have their choice whether to participate that year or not.  Approved 14-0

Motion by Jerry Stannard and Seconded to allow SWCD State Amateur players to earn points for the new  SWCD State Amateur Master Tournament if they ’place’ in ‘any’ State Tournament held in the SWCD ‘and’ whose partner is ALSO a SWCD member.  Approved 8-6. NOTE:  They continue to be able to earn ‘points’ by placing in any Thursday District Tournament.


JANUARY AGENDA ITEMS TO BE VOTED ON (not all inclusive list at this time):

HOF fame recommendations for eligibility (200 district points), pin, plaque and (posted) picture to be awarded.


Elimination of Prize Money for Pro SWCD Masters Division.  Pins still awarded.


Addition to the SWCD Board of Directors of a ‘Tournament Director’ position with voting rights.


DISCUSSION:  Club Representatives and Tournament Directors wanted to ‘encourage’ players to put the ‘time’ on the board when leaving the court between games.  FSA rules limit that time to 10 minutes.  They also are asking players if they could try and ‘chart’ after taking their two speed shoots or 4 practice shots instead of after ’each’ shot.  Intent was stated as reducing ’slow play.’ 

Subject: Amend minutes

We approved min of March 7th mtg, with this ‘addition’ (because it got left out of March min).

“Motion by Jerry Stannard (seconded by Terry Howell) for approval for host clubs to use an 8&8 format for third game of 16 frame draw tournament games and turning of ‘the stick’ (low Line number starts on yellow)”

Ron Nurnberger