Southwest Coast District Shuffle Club
Meeting Minutes
Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 1:00 pm
Bradenton Clubhouse
ROLL CALL: Steve Slaughterbeck, President; Mike Collins, 1st VP; Brad Thomas, 2nd VP; Bob
Comford, 3rd VP; Kay Lynn Duncan, Secretary; Margaret Hartzler, Treasurer; Nancy Scalfani,
KOR and Alternate St. Delegate; John Brown, State Delegate; Jo Miller, Tournament Director.
Clubs Roll Call: 9 voting Club Presidents, and Dolores Brown in attendance.
President Report: Tournament Attendance reported: District down 2 percent; State up 4
percent, need more District Ams to participate. A new Sarasota Bank is interested in
sponsoring tournaments and will advertise in PREVIEW. State meeting update: PREVIEW
cost(s) may increase; 2020 State Masters to be hosted by WCD in St. Petersburg; and FSA
State 2020-21 tournament schedule approved.
Secretary Report: Minutes read from 1-4-2020 Meeting, motion to approve made by Cindy
Slaughterbeck, seconded by Jerry Stannard. Motion Carried.
Treasurer Report: Hall of Fame 2020 did not lose money. Total HOF cost to District $100.99.
SWCD Annual Year-End Report 10-1 19 to 3-6-20: 50/50 Income $1,284.00; Checking Acct
Balance on 3-6-20 $ 4,438.45. Holding 3 CDs, two for $5,000 each, and one for $3,000. One
of the $5,000 CDs is restricted use for Dist. Masters. Total Assets: $17,428.45. Cindy moved to
accept report as read.
First VP: Mike Collins deferred to Jo Miller: If there is not a full slate for Amateurs, men and
women will be combined to play together. No change in Pro-Division- there will be Pro men and
ladies’ divisions. Twelve (12) frame games will be played. Wednesday 3/11/20 is deadline to
sign up to play in Masters. Changes to Tournament: there will be no skill shots used in Masters
this year to determine ties. Ties will be determined by total points for each game being added
together. The winner will be highest points for 21 games. This method of breaking ties will be
used for a 1-year trial and revisited next year.
Second VP: Brad Thomas. PREVIEWS all delivered or picked up by Clubs. We have a few
extra copies.
Third VP: Bob Comford announced his club will need helpers for the Masters.
KOR: Eight (8) State Ams are moving up to Pro and one (1) District Am is moving up to St. Am.
And it was so noted there is only one St Am. Tournament being held whereby the State Am can
get move-up points.
State Delegate: John Brown announced his January 25, 2020 shuffle university at BSC was
very successful, and the Hall of Fame Banquet was the Best Ever in his opinion. Reminded all
to use his book if you need partners for Tourneys. He pursued the Sarasota paper to run his
Shuffleboard column with no response. John asked for clarification as to what the 10-day
notices, Cindy S. will look up and send out via email where they can be read. Jerry Stannard
pointed out need for a 10-day notice to reflect split tournaments at State level.
Tournament Director(s): No Report.
SWCD Minutes Page 2 March 7, 2020
1. Report on Amateur Tournaments Pilot Test held on Jan. 23 and Feb. 6, 2020
Palmetto Pilot shuffled 10 frames on each color constituted a match. After Tourney,
Amateur players voted for favored tournament format. Bob Comford reported votes as
followed: 2 votes, keep new Pilot format as played. 3 votes return to regular format play.
9 votes wanted 12 frames x 2 equaled a match. Palmetto completed tourney by 2 pm.
Margaret Hartzler made a motion to move all Amateur Tournaments to 24 frames total with
12 frames on each color to equals a match, Cindy seconded, discussed. A unanimous vote
of 18 Yeas. Motion carried.
2. Wrap-up report on FSA HOF held 1/13/2020- Kay Lynn gave briefing. Nothing significant
except generous compliments on the outstanding job the SWC District did on the banquet.
The tablecloths were not paid for with District funds but are held in reserve if needed for
future use; as are the center pieces. Contact Kay Lynn Duncan when needed for future
HOF. The remainder of the dishes for future use are stored in kitchen at BSC for future use.
3. Follow-up: RE: did request to increase Font Size for SWCD Tournaments in PREVIEW get
made? KLD Steve S. put in request and hopes it will be done.
4. Margaret Hartzler made a motion to cutoff Tournament Registration at 8:30 a.m. No second
to this motion. Motion died.
1. Vote to approve Rule Language for District HOF for Item 12 of SWCD Operating Rules
(Language Attached to these minutes)
Motion by Cindy S. to accept the rules as read, Nancy Scalfani seconded. There was a
standing ovation for Jerry Stannard for all his work towards this effort. The rule language
was read aloud and followed by significant discussion. Ron Nurnberger stated this rule
language puts us in concert with other Districts and defines the SWCD President role.
Concerns raised were regarding Item C. “Past presidents serving three (3) years may be
nominated for consideration into the Hall of Fame.” Cindy S. made a motion to amend this
language to add “in good standing” to item C. More discussion. Cindy S. Cancelled her
motion and made a new motion to table approval of this language at the November Board
meeting. Seconded by Ron Nurnberger. Passed unanimously to table vote. A
committee of Jerry Stannard, Cindy Slaughterbeck, and Ron Nurnberger assigned to rework
this language and present at November Bd.mtg.
2. District Masters Tournament – Mike Collins, Chair
Discussion of the selection of players for State Amateur district master’s tournament.
Master Pins ordered and awarded to all divisions? Item discussed and all items of
importance have been handled by Mike Collins and his committee.
3. Proposal to increase SWCD tournament entry fee to $7.00
Ron Nurnberger made a motion to raise the entry fee to $7.00 for all SWC District
Tournaments With the extra $1 going to the Host Club. Jerry Stannard 2
nd motion.
Discussion. Our motion to increase fee will only be authorized if the State raises their fee to
$7.00. So noted. Per Ron N. Steve S, President can present our request to the FSA at
March 2020 meeting and request permission to raise our fee based on past practice.
Motion passed 17 Yeas, 1 Nay. Motion Carried.
SWCD Minutes Page 3 March 7, 2020
4. 2020-21 FSA Schedule Change: Tournament at BSC on Dec. 21 2020, is CHANGED to
Dec. 14, 2020. A-10 tourney will now be A-09 at BSC with P-11A on same day, Dec. 14,
2020. Ron Nurnberger announced this change.
5. Clarification on Awarding masterpoints for men placing in a woman’s tournament and vice
Nancy Scalfani confirmed Men are getting master points for their play in Ladies
Tournaments. Cindy Slaughterbeck made a motion “if a men or lady plays in opposite
gender tournaments, they get master points.” John Brown seconded. Motion carried.
Add to D-1 in Operating Rules.
All current Board Members agreed to retain their current Board position for the upcoming
season. Nominations were taken from the floor, none were made. The 2020-2021 Slate of
Officers presented as follows:
Steve Slaughterbeck, President
Mike Collins, 1st Vice President
Brad Thomas, 2nd Vice President
Bob Comford, 3rd Vice President
Kay Lynn Duncan, Secretary
Margaret Hartzler, Treasurer
Nancy Scalfani, KOR and Alternate State. Delegate
John Brown, State Delegate
Jo Miller and/or Dolores Brown, Tournament Director
Motion made by Cindy Slaughterbeck to accept the Slate of Officer as read. Mike Sadler
second. Motion Carried Unanimously. Board was sworn in and photo followed.
Motion to Adjourn made by Jerry Stannard at 2:40 pm.
Respectively Submitted:
Kay Lynn Duncan
Secretary for SWCD
SWCD Minutes Page 4 March 7, 2020
Hall of Fame Operating Rules for Southwest Coast District
12. SWCD Hall of Fame eligibility:
A. Shuffleboard Player with 200 District points as a pro.
B. Special Contributor who has devoted 5 years to shuffleboard, as an administer and/or
concerned party. A concerned party is defined as one who shows interest and contributes to
the inner workings of the board, or one who regularly volunteers his/her services to a club in the
SWCD and one whose clean sportsmanship and general presence reflect positively upon our
District and shuffleboard, may be nominated for consideration into the Hall of Fame.
C. Past presidents serving three (3) years may be nominated for consideration into the Hall
of Fame.
D. A nominating committee will be established of past and current presidents of the District.
The SWCD President will chair the committee and will select three members to the committee
using criteria above.
E. Nominations will be accepted from club presidents through February 1st of each year.
Each nomination for SWCD HOF shall include a letter listing all achievements/resume of the
candidate. Up to two special contributors may be admitted into the Hall of Fame yearly. Each
qualified member of the Board is entitled to vote for no more than two of the proposed
candidates. To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority ballot vote. Any year that a
president is eligible there may be no more than 2 special contributors/president voted into the
Hall of Fame.
F. Discussion of any candidate and voting by secret ballot shall be in closed session with
only SWCD Board Members present. If any member of the Board is a candidate, that person
shall be excluded from the session during the discussion and balloting. Results of secret ballot
shall not be numerically announced. The Committee Chairman or assistant shall merely
announce the names of those candidates who have been elected.
G. A special ceremony will be held in March each year to celebrate the newly elected
SWCD Minutes Page 5 March 7, 2020