Southwest Coast District Shuffle Club
Meeting Minutes – Bradenton Clubhouse
Saturday, January 8, 2022 – 1:00 p.m.
Prayer lead by John Brown, Pledge of Allegiance recited.
ROLL CALL Cindy Slaughterbeck, Bob Comford, Frank Marderosian, Brad Thomas, Kay Lynn
Duncan, Nancy Sclafani, Tom Putnam, Terri Smith, and 11 Club Presidents. Guest: John Brown
Absent: Margaret Hartzler
Secretary: March 6, 2021 minutes sent electronically with 1/8/22 agenda. Motion by Jean
Wilson to approve minutes as written, seconded by Nancy Sclafani, Motion Carried.
Treasury Report: In absence of M. Hartzler, President Slaughterbeck reported the Assc.
balance as of 9/30/2021 $18,511.30. No Report Distributed.
st VP Bob Comford – No Report
nd VP Frank Marderosian, a few Previews left for sale.
rd VP Brad Thomas, No Report
Keeper of Records, Nancy Sclafani, One St. Am moved up to Pro
Tournament Director Terri Smith – Amateur teams going well and recent tournaments had
enough shufflers to make 8 teams.
1. Palmetto Club to host 2022 Masters and need volunteers to help. Date: March 23-26.
Contact to help is Bob Comford. Volunteers at this meeting: Tony Souza, Kay Lynn Duncan,
Nancy Sclafani.
2. Discuss interest in planning evening district social event at Trailer Estates.
Motion by Kay Lynn to put on hold until 2023 due to a surge of Covid. Seconded by Bob
Comford. Motion Carried.
3. Shuffleboard School
a) Motion by Kay Lynn Duncan to hold School this year. Seconded by Peter Aylen.
Discussion: John Brown willing to assist, BSC, Ron Nurnberger volunteered to host
event, SWCD to be lead, promote school, and arrange for Pros teachers. BSC set
School date on February 19, 2022, start time 9:00 am. Rain date: Feb. 26, 2022.
Motion Carried.
b) Looking to shuffle for fun – Golf Lakes hosts open shuffling on Tuesday evenings at
6:30 pm. All invited. 25 cents / game, play 3 games.
1. District Tournaments and Schedule for 2022-23 – Cindy
President Cindy reiterated rules protocol for clubs wanting to host a district tourney. Club
must submit in writing the tournaments they want to host to District President before March
District meeting each year. District Board then votes to approve or deny each club’s
2. State Tournaments 2022-23 – Cindy
FSA has rules for clubs applying to host a State Tournament. Club requests to host a St.
Tourney due in January to the District Board asking for the State Tournament(s), location,
and format they want. District Exec. Bd votes on the submissions; selections go to FSA for
approval at winter meeting. State can override the District selection for state tournaments.
2022-2023 Schedule will be out by 2nd week in February.
SWCD Meeting Page 2 January 8, 2022
3. HOF Banquet held Jan. 17, 2022. District inductees: Dwayne Cross, Flo Kowalski, Mike
Marquis, and Dave Kudro
4. Nominating committee to seek slate of candidates for 2022-23.
Appointed by President: Cheryl Putman, Nancy Scalfani, Bob Comford
1. Bob Comford made a motion “District Tournament Directors will be paid $150.00 same as
State Directors.” Seconded by Kay Lynn Duncan. Discussion followed.
Ron Nurnberger moved to amend the motion by adding “and total amount paid is maximum
of $150.00 and excess goes District Club.” Seconded by Bob Comford. More discussion.
Jerry Stannard made motion to table the amended motion until March District Meeting.
Seconded by Mike Collins. Motion Carried yeas 11, nays 7.
2. President Slaughterbeck announced Larry Fowler will replace Frank Marderosian as second
Vice President on SWCD Board effective today. Frank is stepping down.
3. President Slaughterbeck made a motion for Amateur Tournaments next season to continue
to use the same format we did this year (24 frames total with 12 frames on each color
equals a match). Seconded by Ron Nurnberger. Motion Carried.
4. District Hall of Fame nominations will be taken for special contributor or past district
presidents. Must be submitted by February 1, 2022.
5. Peter Berg will be retiring as our District Web Master. We need to seek a new webmaster.
Motion to adjourn by Jean Wilson.
Respectively Submitted:
Kay Lynn Duncan
Secretary for SWCD
Dated: January 15, 2022