SWCD ‘Minutes’ January 7, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 1:04 PM by President Nurnberger.  Their were 13 voting Presidents/or Designee and 8 voting board members for total of 21.

Minutes from November 5, 2016 meeting were approved unanimously.

Treasurers Report:   Margaret Hartzler reported that net income from 2015-16 was $1170.44 compared to 2016-17 of $1115.78 at this point in time.


1ST Vice President:   Jerry Stannard reported that HOF plans for  March 17, 2017 (Friday) will be the same format.  Hoss Collar fund raiser tournament starting at 9 AM, until noon (prize money) followed by the new HOF District Inductee’s being honored.  He also stated the  Master’s Committee’s would be meeting before the next SWCD meeting and that there were no changes proposed for this years Tournament. Palmetto Shuffle Club will be the Host site.

2nd Vice President:    Dave Welsh reported that 50/50 volunteers is going well, but could use more people to step forward. He also reported on the Non-Profit Organization.  He said they are still looking into “roof-over” plans at Bradenton, but knows cooperation between the Bradenton Club, the City of Bradenton and the non-profit group is a team effort and will continue to pursue avenues of success and keep us posted.  Right now his son, who manages a non-profit in Minnesota is helping him with details.

3rd Vice President:    Jim Smith reported that he is at a loss for a box of previews that disappeared, but all in all, the profit/loss ($) for previews this year appears to have broken even.  He and his wife Kathy were lauded for their hard work in this area.

KOR (keeper of the records):    Nancy Scalfani stated that all is going well and details of ‘points’ earned and player statistics are available on the SWCD webpage directed by Peter Berg.   At this time 6 District Amateurs  moved up to State Amateurs & 5 State Amateur  players moved up to Pro status.

State Delegate:    Jerry Stannard reported that he and I both feel the FSA should be sharing some of their money.  There ‘fund balance’ is over $45,000 with no real expenses of note.  I have requested to be on the agenda for discussion at next FSA meeting. Jerry also requested to be on the agenda to discuss the 16 frame State Singles Tournaments.  They previously have been 12 frames and he believes it should be discussed again, because of the added length of singles games (16 frames per game).

Publicity and Public Relations:    Sue Daidone reported that the public meetings regarding the half-cent tax increase that could possibly help shuffleboard in the county was presented by her, Nancy Scalfani and Paul Knepper.  They gave the board their views, but think it may not influence any money coming our way.  She also stated the millenniums are enjoying their twice a month Saturday night shuffling and hopes it continues for the benefit of future shuffleboard.

Tournament Directors:    Dolores Brown, spokesperson for the SWCD Tournament Directors stated that all is going very well at all State and District Tournaments held so far in the SWCD.  She wished to thank all her directors and assistant directors for their dedication and hard work.


CD Training Tips:    Brad Thomas reported that he is still looking for ways to produce something to help novice shufflers.  He will continue to pursue this activity.

Certificate of Deposit ($) Authorization:    Motion made by John Mickle and seconded that treasurer Margaret Hartzler be authorized to invest $6000 from the SWCD checking account into a CD (money market) of her choice.  Motion passed unanimously.

Margaret was also lauded for her hard work on the FSA Preview regarding the SWCD.  Margaret puts together the 16 pages annually that ‘Highlight’ our district.


Nominating Committee:    Ron Nurnberger and Joyce Marquis will act as the ‘nominating committee’ to solicit new board members.  Interested members should contact them if they have questions.  Elections take place at the March SWCD meeting.  Right now, 3 Vice-Presidents and a Secretary are needed.

2017-18 SWCD SCHEDULE:    Discussion took place on host clubs, tournament venues and scheduled dates for next years player schedule.  A final version will be available to all members along with the FSA State Schedule by the end of January.

REFERREE SCHOOL:     Jerry Everett (and Marilyn) will be hosting a two referee schools, dates January 21 & February 11th.  Time is 9:00 am at the Bradenton Shuffle Club.

INSTRUCTIONAL SCHOOL:    John Brown will make available Pro player teachers for any club that wants his team to come and instruct new &/or experienced players.  Contact John Brown.

Meeting Adjourned at 2:08 PM