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Most recent up date: 12/11/2021

                                              MOVE UP POINTS EXPLANATION 

Move-up points are earned by District Amateurs and State Amateurs only.  Pros need not apply.  Current FSA rules require that for a District Amateur to advance to State Amateur status or a State Amateur to advance to Pro status, one must earn a minimum of 5 points in a three year period to “move up” to the next level.   

Move-up points are earned by placing in one of the top four places in the Main or top three places in Consolation in a District or State sanctioned tournament.   National tournaments award move-up points only if they are also part of the FSA schedule.   A minimum of eight (8) teams in an district Amateur Tournament are required for move up points to be awarded. In those tournaments consisting of eight (8) to eleven (11) teams, the points will be cut in half

resulting in players in the Main getting only 1/2 point; and consolation getting 1/4 point. No points are awarded for placing fourth in consolation.


District Amateurs earn move up points in any tournaments in which they place whether an amateur, pro, or state tournament. 

Amateur Master Points will be awarded only for placing in district tournaments.  No Master points are earned in State tournaments. 

State Amateurs earn move up points by placing in either a State sanctioned amateur tournament or a district Pro tournament.  State Amateurs DO NOT receive move up points for playing in a District Amateur tournament. State Amateurs may earn district Master points by placing in a Pro or District Amateur tournament.  The Master points earned in amateur tournaments ARE NOT included in the total necessary to qualify for the District Hall of Fame.  Hall of Fame points are earned only by placing in Pro tournaments only. 

No points of any kind are awarded to either pros or amateurs for placing in the "Must play with a District Am" tournament. 

Finally, let me address a frequent question regarding move-up points, i.e., “Where did my points go?”  Move-up points have an expiration date.  Remember back the first paragraph of this section when I stated that 5 points are needed to be earned in 3 years?  Let’s say you earned 1 move-up point in 2017/2018, 1.5 points in 2018/2019 and 2 points in 2019/2020..  You would have 4.5 move-up points, but as soon as  October 1, 2020 arrived, you would lose that 2017/18 point and your total would be reduced to 3.5 points.  Instead of needing 0.5 points to move up, you now need 1.5 points.  That is where your point went! 

Due to the pandemic, the following statement was issued by the FSA. 


Due to the reduced amateur schedule for the 2020-2021 season and the absence of many players due to COVID, the F.S.A. board has authorized all amateurs to hold over their accumulated move-up points for a fourth year. This a one-time offer and will be automatically applied to all amateur players.

Glenn Monroe

State Keeper of Records

I hope that this helps everyone to understand the current “points system.”  If any further changes are introduced, I will post an update so that everyone is aware of them. 

Nancy Sclafani
SWC Keeper of Records



Updated February 16-2020



1.     Organization and Meetings


The Southwest Coast District (SWCD) Organization shall operate under the Constitution and Bylaws of the Florida Shuffleboard Association, Inc., Section 3, titled District Organizations and the Roberts Rules of Order.  Rules pertinent to use only, and District Operating Rules shall help govern the District.  These Rules may be changed, altered, or eliminated by a simple majority vote by members of the District Board with voting privileges.  


All meetings of the SWCD will be open meetings to be held in November, January, and March.  Each Club President or designee shall represent that Club and vote along with the elected Executive Board only.


If a problem arises between scheduled meetings, the President, at his or her discretion, or a majority of the Executive Board may call and hold a closed or open meeting that is necessary to continue a smooth running SWCD.  Standing Rule with no Bylaw change.  (3/9/02)


2.     Membership Rights


We hereby authorize the District Executive Board to enforce all practices hereto agreed upon and to refuse membership to a new applicant or suspend or drop any Member Club that fails or refuses to pursue established customs, or that discriminates against members of their own Club, or members of any other affiliated Club.  It is hereby agreed that every member of any and all affiliated Clubs shall have the same rights and privileges including the right of a member of more than one Club in the State of Florida, to choose which of these Clubs he will represent in Tournaments. 


3.     Listing of Tournaments


Each club proposing to conduct any sanctioned tournament (State or National) during the active season (October-April) shall submit to the District President, a statement showing the title and date.


4.      Listing Winners in PREVIEW


List all State Amateurs and Pros in the PREVIEW for five (5) years after the last point won.  (11/2/19)


5.    Eligibility Rules


The District shall operate under the eligibility rules of the FSA, and District rules that conflict with this rule is hereby rescinded.  See FSA rules regarding eligibility and the penalty for playing in a lower division than is legal.  (10/30/07)


6.    Listing of Winners


Authorize that all District Tournament winners, both in the main event and consolation shall be listed in the PREVIEW, even if it requires buying additional space. 


7.    Returning to a Lower Division


All players wishing to return to a lower division must write a letter stating these wishes and send it to the President or Keeper of Records before April 15th so it can be recorded in the PREVIEW. 


8.    District Rules


A.    All District Tournaments shall be played in accordance with State and District shuffleboard rules as published in the PREVIEW. 


B.    Opening ceremonies shall start at 8:45 am and be completed by 9:00 am.  (3/17/07)


C.   No new games may start after 5:00 pm and everyone stops play at 5:30 pm, at the discretion of the Tournament Director.  (1/07/06)


D.    Amateurs will play doubles and will play 16 frame games.  Our District Amateur Tournaments include State Amateurs (which may play up in the Pro Division or down in the Amateur Division).  In 2015-16, all District Amateur Tournaments become draw tournaments when the Pro schedule dictates a draw.  A District Amateur Tournament that requires a partner may be any doubles.  If there are not enough players to fill 8 teams, the Tournament Director may use a singles format or a mingle/mingle game format for that tournament.  (1/05/08, 11/03/13, 11/5/16, 11/2/19)


1.     State Amateur players who play in District Amateur Tournaments will earn Master points and will not accumulate move-up points.  District Amateur players who play in District Tournaments will accumulate both move up points and master points. (11/2/19)


2.    No Two State Amateur players who play in a District Amateur Tournament may play together (as partners).


3.    District Amateur players do not earn ‘district master points’ unless the tournament is ‘labeled’ by a letter/number, such as A-1, A-2 etc. on the annual SWCD schedule (this clarity is for the NO 2 PROS and the PRO & 1 District Am tournaments).


E.    A minimum of eight (8) teams required in an Amateur Tournament for move up points to be awarded.  Amateur Tournaments consisting of eight (8) to eleven (11) teams, the points will be cut in half resulting in players in the main will get only ½ point; and consolation will get ¼ point.  Amateur Master points will be awarded.  (11/1/08, 11/2/19)


F.    Southwest Coast Outstanding Achievement pins to be awarded to the top 16 men and ladies, 1-8 will receive gold pins, 9-16 will receive silver pins.  (1/3/09)


G.   Draw Tournaments:  If odd man and odd woman registers to play, they can play together in either tournament based on discretion of Tournament Director with the approval of the two players.  If only 1 odd player, the last to register from the Host Club must relinquish play.  If there is no player registered from host club, then last player to register cannot play unless we have a volunteer.  (11/2/19)


H.    Starting in 2016, there will be three District Masters Tournaments.  District Amateur, State Amateur & Pro Divisions.  

9.      Financial Report


All clubs hosting a district tournament must file a statement of receipts and expenditures for each tournament.  Financial forms will be issued to each club prior to the tournament.  When the district tournament financial report is completed, it shall be given to the District President. 

10.   Payment of Expenses


A.    The District shall pay the expense of banquet tickets for the President and spouse, First Vice-President and spouse, State Delegate and spouse to attend the Annual State Banquet. 


B.    The District shall provide funds for one (1) night lodging for the President and spouse, and the State Delegate and spouse.


C.   When a person is inducted to the Florida Hall of Fame from our District, the District will provide the funds for one (1) night of lodging for that person and spouse and pay for the banquet ticket for the inductee(s).


D.    The President shall be paid $150.00 and the Secretary, Treasurer and Keeper of Records shall be paid $75.00 at the end of the season. 


E.    Tournament Directors shall be paid $150.00 per tournament.  Host Club to pay $100.00 of Director’s fee and District to pay $50.00.  (11/27/99)


F.    Tournament entry fee is $6.00.


11.   Nominations and Elections


A.    The elective offices of SWCD are President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Keeper of Records, State Delegate, Alternate State Delegate, National Delegate, and Alternate National Delegate.  A representative of SWCD Tournament Directors will have voting privileges. (1/9/16)


B.    The office of President may not be held more than three (3) consecutive full years.


C.   Each Vice-President must be from a different club and different from the club of the President.


D.   Each Vice-President must be willing to move up to the office of President.


E.    The President, in cooperation with the Executive Board, shall name a three (3) to five (5) member committee on nomination, with the first person named being the chairperson.  Members of this committee should understand the needs of the District and responsibilities of each office.


F.    The nominating committee shall name their members at the January meeting.  The election should take place at the March meeting and the new officers installed at that time.


G.    A majority is required to elect.  An election committee shall count the votes in secret.  The vote will be reported to the presiding officer and destroyed, but only the winner will be announced publicly. 


12.     Hall of Fame (HOF); Plaque for President


A.    A SWCD Hall of Fame was established on January 3, 2015.  Eligibility is as follows: 200 district points (points earned in District Amateur Tournaments do not count toward the needed 200), past presidents (3 years) and other special contributors.  (1/9/16)


B.    A President who has served the District for at least one (1) full year shall be given a plaque at the end of his or her term.  


Proposed NEW language for item #12 HOF 

Hall of Fame Operating rules for Southwest District

12. SWCD Hall of Fame eligibility:

       A.   Shuffleboard Player with 200 District points as a pro.

       B.  Special Contributor who has devoted 5 years to shuffleboard, as an administer and/or concerned party.    A concerned party is defined as one who shows interest and contributes to the inner workings of the board,  or one who regularly volunteers his/her services to a club in the SWCD and one whose clean sportsmanship and general presence reflect positively upon our district and shuffleboard, may be nominated for consideration into the Hall of Fame.

      C.  Past presidents serving 3 years, may be nominated for consideration into the Hall of Fame.

      D.  A nominating committee will be established of the past and current presidents of the district.   The SWCD president will chair the committee and will select three members to the committee using criteria above.

       E.  Nominations will be accepted from the club presidents through February 1st of each year.    Each nomination for SWCD HOF shall include a letter listing all achievements/resume of the candidate.  Up to two special contributors may be admitted into the Hall of Fame yearly.  Each qualified member of the Board is entitled to vote for no more than two of the proposed candidates.    To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority ballot vote.   Any year that a president is eligible there may be no more than 2 special contributors/president voted into the Hall of Fame.

      F.  Discussion of any candidate and voting shall be in closed session with only Board Members present, by secret ballot. If any member of the Board is a candidate, that person shall be excluded from the session during the discussion and balloting.  Results of secret ballot shall not be numerically announced.  The Committee chairman or assistant shall merely announce the names of those candidates who have been elected.

     G.  A special ceremony will be held in March each year to celebrated the newly elected inductees.