Florida Shuffleboard Association, Inc.

Most recent update: 04/28/2017 

Summer is here and so is the time for B&Y...Monday, Weds and Friday mornings at 8:30 at BSC...You need 3 quarters as we will be playing 3 games and usually finish around 10:30...If you are not a member of the BSC then there is a fee of $5 to play from May 1 to Oct 1...Be sure to bring water as it does get warm as the morning progresses...Hope to see a big turn out.  Please be there by 8:20.  Any info you can contact me.  SUE

improvements at the city’s shuffleboard



36th ISA- PARTICIPANTS PACKAGE & Promo Video (Brazil 2017)


We congratulate the following players for moving up to State Amateur status:

Janice O"Sullivan, Jane Baldwin, Ken Maxwell, Frank Marderosian, David Evenson, Ken Mather, Jim Lessard, Sandra Kolasinski, Sandra Kolasinski, Ken Laver, Helen Lumsford, Doug Smith, John Heckinger and Barbara Young

We congratulate the following players for moving up to Pro status:

Cheryl Putnam, Steve Slaughterbeck, Cindy Slaughterbeck, Bill Jenkins, Paula Jacobson, Dan Lake, Arnie Congdon, Emmons Berry, Phil Krick, Terry McNamara and Connie Crawford earned instant pro, Brad Thomas

We congratulate the following player for moving up to the SWCD HOF:

Erika & Peter Berg, Lois Wegner, Larry Taylor, Paul Knepper, Ann Hersom, Ron Nurnberger, Anna Nuttall, Betty Downing, Earl and Dona Dunn


We congratulate the following players for moving up to FSA HOF:

Nancy Sclafani, Marlene Coburn and Dave Kudro


Bradenton Shuffle Club annual Dues will be $20.00 Oct. 1, 2016

Interesting Rule change


NOTE:  At the SWCD meeting January 3, 2015 it was 'moved' and approved that starting immediately no two State Amateur players that elect to play in a District Amateur Tournament can play together as partners.