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Most recent update: 01/14/2018 


                                       SHUFFLEBOARD SCHOOL JANUARY 20th by: John L. Brown FSA & ISA & SWCD Hall of Famer!

     On Saturday, January 20, “Bradenton Shuffle School” will begin at 8:30 a.m,  All interested parties are. The first moments will be devoted to the history of the great sport and its development in the past century.    

     We will attempt to start all beginners on the right foot with good habits so you won’t form bad habits you would need to break to become proficient as your career evolves.

     This columnist will serve as dean, and professors will be available.  Volunteers  are needed from the ranks of accomplished veterans.  We will attempt to meet the needs of students at their present level.  Some courts will cater to beginners, and others to those with some experience, and perhaps a few to work at advanced levels.  All of us may learn, and all are welcome.

     We will offer to work from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30.  If you must leave early, you may, but we hope to help each student improve as their interest permits.  There is no charge for this free school.

     We welcome students who wish to play recreational games as well as those with competitive spirit.  We are also prepared to respond to invitations from clubs who wish to enjoy such an event at your own facility.  Questions are welcome at (941) 756-8548.

We congratulate these players for advancing to State Am status next season:

Cau Huynh, Elaine Antaya, Patrick Antaya, Charles Stannard, Marilyn Rodman & Donald Trottier.

We congratulate these players for advancing to Pro status next season:

Doris Mularz, Carol Maxwell, Jim Clark & Kay Lynn Duncan

We congratulate the following players for moving up to FSA HOF: Nancy Sclafani and Dave Kudro

D-19 One player must be a District Am. No points earned by anyone

World Shuffleboard Championship High River, Alberta Canada July 15-20, 2018  37th ISA Player Package

improvements at the city’s shuffleboard



Bradenton Shuffle Club annual Dues will be $20.00 Oct. 1, 2017

Interesting Rule change


NOTE:  At the SWCD meeting January 3, 2015 it was 'moved' and approved that starting immediately no two State Amateur players that elect to play in a District Amateur Tournament can play together as partners.