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Florida Shuffleboard Association, Inc.

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Most recent update: 03/10/2019


Steve Slaugtherbeck

6615 Texas Str. Bradenton FL 34281

Tel. 419-722-6717

We Are Here To Serve

Steve Slaughterbeck President
Kathy Laver 1st Vice President
Brad Thomas 2nd Vice President
Bob Comford 3rd Vice President
Kay Lynn Duncan/Paula Jacobson Co. Secretaries
Margaret Hartzler Treasurer
Nancy Sclafani Keeper of Records
John L. Brown State Delegate
Dolores Brown Tournament Director

State and District Tournament Directors are: 

Dolores Brown, Jo Miller, Dave Minnich, Joyce Marquis

District Tournament Directors are: Pat Batdorff and Margaret Hartzler, Assistant Director is Dian Darrah

Preview Coordinator: Margaret Hartzler

WEB MASTER:  Peter Berg (